The Palace of Justice and the Nuremberg Trials
Tour around the historic venue

The Nuremberg Palace of Justice in winter 1945/46. Picture credit: Nuremberg City Archives, Photo: Ray D'Addario (November 20, 1945). (Method Signature: StadtAN A 65/IV Nr. RA-141)

From summer 1945 on the U.S. Army had been using the justice building and the neighboring prison as well as further facilities for the infrastructure of the Nuremberg Trials. In the east wing of this "Palace of Justice" there is Courtroom 600 in which the trials took place. During our tour we explain where hundreds of employees of the court had their workplaces, how the communication from the justice building to places all around the world was managed, how the defendants where brought from their prison cells into the courtroom, and where they had the opportunity to talk with their defense counsels.

A visit of the exhibition and Court room 600 are not part of this program.

Meeting point: Entrance of the Memorium Nuremberg Trials.

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