Federation of International Human Rights Museums (FIHRM)

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials is a member of the "Federation of International Human Rights Museums" (FIHRM).

In 2010, National Museums Liverpool's International Slavery Museum coordinated the establishment of a new international museum initiative. It has been the aim to support museums dealing with sensitive and controversial human rights themes, such as transatlantic slavery, the Holocaust and other instances of genocide, and the plight of many indigenous peoples. These museums are supposed to be supported by non-bureaucratic help to work together and share new thinking and initiatives in a supportive environment especially in dealing with difficult, politically loaded, and controversial subjects. The ethos underpinning the FIHRM initiative is that all types of museums within these fields of work, regardless of size or resources can be a member.

As a member of FIHRM, we make sure that also controversial topics find room to be discussed. Also we support institutions of previously mentioned sensitive topics which only find limited support in societies.

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