International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials is the first German member of the "International Coalition of Sites of Conscience".

With the slogan "History is Now", the "International Coalition of Sites of Conscience" is dedicated to the preservation and support of historical places of remembrance, memorials and museums. In diverse initiatives, lessons and legacies are drawn from histories from all over the world and are linked to urgent issues of our time.

Survivors and witnesses of war and violence report on their traumas and experiences. Representatives of different conflict parties come together to share their past. Young people, in particular, are encouraged to face up to history.

This global network, founded in 1999, now has more than 275 members from 65 countries. Together we put great importance on making history tangible, on remembering, further promoting and strengthening the principle of human rights as an inalienable and universal good.

We are looking forward to the future cooperation!

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