Trailer for the Media Installation "Zeitreise Saal 600 | Courtroom 600: Time Travel"

The media installation "Zeitreise Saal 600 | Courtroom 600: Time Travel" virtually travels back almost 80 years to the Courtroom 600 of the Nuremberg Trials and immerses the audience in the sound and image world of the historic event in a completely new way.

Courtroom 600 has undergone many changes due to its diverse construction history. The media installation brings together original film footage of the trials with a digital reconstruction of the site. Extensive technology allows the interplay between the simulation, historical film and photo footage, and a visual world that makes the courtroom’s impact on world historical development comprehensible and emphasizes the significance of international law for today.

The media installation will be part of the permanent exhibition of the Memorium Nuremberg Trials from November 21, 2022, and can be experienced entirely in German and English. We deliberately refrain from showing depictions of violence. Nevertheless, serious human rights violations and war crimes are addressed.

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